Howlin’ Hill has become known as the magical place that it is because of the foresite and dedication of “The Crew @ The Nest”!

We thank them for their continued love, support and friendship.

Though some things have changed over the years, our love for our campers, this property and our friends has only grown stronger. Thank you for being a part of this family and our story.  



Where we started:  The Rat’s Nest Campground  

I was told that this page should tell you about who Coleman and I (Mary) are as the owners of this beautiful place we’ve been blessed with and have subsequently deemed “The Rat’s Nest Campground”.

I could tell you all day long about the land here.. The way the month of May baffles me by the fireflies that light up the tree canopy like the most perfect Christmas lights you’ve always wanted to see. The way the river bends in both directions and never feels like it’s rushing you to do anything or go anywhere. I could tell you about the hawk that has been here for at least 5 years that I know of – same tree, same time, everyday. She and I have watched my son learn how to swim, how to be brave, how to treat people well and how to lend a hand with even the simplest of tasks – I’m pretty sure she is as proud of that little boy as I am. I could tell you how I feel like this section of the land was hand-carved by God Himself – how every aspect of every inch seems so intentional – I don’t believe I could ever be convinced otherwise. When nature changes the shape of a tree or the curve of the riverbank, it’s like we’ve been granted the view of a new painting to stand in awe of. If we can be sure of anything, we can be sure of change and the grace of the new day that comes with it.

What I can’t tell you is that this place belongs to “The Michaels” – I have developed a love for referring everyone here as “The Crew @ The Nest”. I don’t know how else to put it. We are a family composed of people we’ve known forever, people we’ve known for a while, people we’ve just met and all the people that we will meet as the clock continues to pass midnight, every night right on queue. We are people who strive to move forward with purpose toward the bigger picture. This place doesn’t belong to me. It doesn’t belong to Coleman. It doesn’t even belong to our son or to ‘The Crew’. We belong to it. We belong to this land and every purpose it will come to serve – hear me now – it will serve many. We will serve many.

We would love to share this piece of peace with you.

If we don’t see you tonight, we’ll see you on the other side of midnight.

Much Love,

The Crew @ The Nest