Fun Facts in honor of National Hammock Day

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When the heat is on the rise, there is no better way to camp than by spending a warm summer night swinging in hammock between two trees.

We were reminded of this today because it is National Hammock Day. In honor of that, we would like to share some fun facts on hammocks.

  • Many anthropologists believe hammocks were first developed by indigenous people in Central America and South America up to 1000 years ago.
  • The earliest hammocks were woven of tree bark or fibers.
  • After Columbus and others arrived in the Bahamas, they became the first Europeans to encounter the Taino people’s hammock, and to return Spain where they began experimenting with cotton, canvas, and other cloths to craft hammocks like the ones they saw on their journeys.
  • From the Civil War to the Vietnam War, the design of the hammock was altered, making it less ventilated. In the US, the Navy became the primary military unit to use hammocks, and the focus became more on convenience, portability, and space saving.
  • In the 19th┬ácentury, the prison system in Britain attempted to make hammocks a replacement for jail cell cots until the prisoners figured out how to turn them into makeshift weapons.
  • The first known mass producer of hammocks opened its doors in Pawleys Island, South Carolina in 1889.
  • Today, more than a million hammocks are sold yearly in North America, and more than 100 million people use them worldwide.

Join us in publishing your hammock celebrations on social media by using the hashtag: #NationalHammockDay

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