Rat’s Nest Campground Announces Rebrand as Howlin’ Hill

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March 20, 2018 – (Lewisburg, TN) – Rat’s Nest Campground, a primitive campgrounds and live music venue in Middle Tennessee recently announced the launch of its new brand identity as Howlin’ Hill with the unveiling of its new name, logo and Web site.

“This campgrounds started as a passion project,” said owner Coleman Michaels. “In the beginning, we never envisioned that we would be doing everything we are now. Since our opening, we partnered with a local kayaking company called Duck Canoe, we built a stage and started hosting regular concerts, and we achieved a great reputation as a unique outdoor experience. It was time for us to have a name that truly connects with all aspects of the experience we are creating for our visitors now.”

In 2011, the business opened under the name Rat’s Nest Campground. The name was a derivative of a neighboring recreation business. This direction was chosen with the idea that it would help visitors quickly orient themselves to the location of the campgrounds. The name served its purpose at the time, but over the years it would become clear that the name had many drawbacks as the business grew in new directions. One of those directions was that the campgrounds added a rustic stage to host live music events in the Fall of 2015. The following spring, the stage was officially given the moniker Howlin’ Hill during the first show of the season.

“We decided to build the stage after our first concert with a Nashville-based bluegrass band The Howlin’ Brothers,” Michaels said. “The concert was a hit, so we decided to have the band back less than two months later. I was determined to build something special before they returned, and we pulled off an amazing feat. When we named the stage Howlin’ Hill, it just seemed like a fun way to pay homage to that special relationship. Prior to opening this season, we decided that while we had built strong name recognition as Rat’s Nest, the name did not properly represent our business or growth plan. After a little deliberation, we chose to rebrand the entire business under the Howlin’ Hill name. At its essence, it expresses the call of the wild, which is perfect for the direction we want to head in the future.”

In addition to the name, a new logo was designed for the business. The logo and icon were directly inspired by a sign that is on top of the stage. The sign has a double H made from wood in front of a full moon that lights up in the night sky. The new logo retains the playful nature of the original Rat’s Nest brand, but has a cleaner, more versatile approach.



The new brand identity will continue to be rolled out in the 2018 season with updates to the business’s online presences, signage and merchandise.


About Howlin’ Hill

Howlin’ Hill is a primitive campgrounds and outdoor live music venue, located 8 miles from Chapel Hill, TN and Henry Horton State Park. It offers strictly tent and hammock camping to ensure guests truly experience the call of the wild. For more information, visit howlinhill.com.



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